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8220;The Rummage Sale serves as a wonderful fellowship opportunity for church members and the community,” says Reverend Dr.
If you are browsing rummage sales yourself, Marie Petranich of Brooklyn, New York, has set a great example for you.
Paula Rummage has made important contributions as a member of OMC's leadership team," said OMC Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Harry W.
With the aid of former suf-f ferer Gwenda and the eversensible trainee social worker Fliss, three agoraphobic ladies bravely set about staging a rummage sale to break through their insular lives for at least one day.
Jeff Bassin, a long time member of Northern Hills, noted, "The annual rummage sale is always a great deal of fun.
All proceeds will go to the 2nd Wylde Green Scout Group which has raised more than pounds 5,000 from rummage sales over the years.
Previous appointments had seen the requisite rummage, some rather furious hand-washing afterwards - to which I took great offence - and then a dismissive, 'Don't worry but if they don't go away, come back.
Bazaar and Rummage opens at the Co-operative Theatre, Watersmeet Road, Wyken, Coventry, on April 24 for a week-long run.
Many content management solutions force users to access documents in a rigid folder hierarchy, requiring users to rummage through multiple folders and open multiple documents in search of pertinent information.
A NORTH Birmingham scout group is holding a credit crunch-busting rummage sale on Saturday morning.
BLACHLY - The Triangle Grange will hold a rummage sale Friday and Saturday from 9 a.
No longer will you have to rummage through bags and pockets, as the keychain will stylishly hold all keys in a central place.