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VVWHAT they say Michael Halford, trainer of Rummaging He's in good form but has gone up 3lb for finishing fourth, which certainly isn't ideal.
To decrease rummaging in other residents' belongings;
The bulk of the missing Oscars were found on Sunday night by a man rummaging through the bin in the Koreatown area of the city.
is rummaging through his own magic bag for some Southern (gay) pride to shove in his infamous cousin's face.
Tharp must have gone rummaging for bits of used ballet and Americana, since the first half of the program consisted of her doodlings with several secondhand images--plus commentary.
Rummaging through rubbish bins, crystallographers are taking a fresh look at crystal structure -- dusting off old photographs, retrieving discarded data, remeasuring key paramters.
The opportunities are the real deal and it is easy to extract just the information that is needed so that you don't waste your time rummaging through endless jobs that aren't even close to what you are looking for.
Security sources said that Israeli forces arrested Ammar Ghaleb Sawafteh, 22, Adham Aref Daraghmeh, 21, after raiding their family houses and rummaging with the contents.
and what could be more fun than rummaging on the foreshore for your lunch
What on earth were they 'rummaging' for, and why would they be rummaging for it?
So I kind of got thrown by this and started rummaging in my bag looking for my cigarettes, and then I realized we were in New York and I couldn't smoke indoors, so I was just fake rummaging.
You'll recall we almost had an affair'' - likely would drive Patricia to start rummaging for her Mace.