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According to ( Gossip Cop , a rumor about Cooper claimed that he and Shayk were ending their relationship because of the actor's friendship with Lady Gaga.
Also, a rumor about expired intestinal parasites vaccination that caused allergy to students and another one about the Ministry of Education imposing a unified uniform on teachers have recently spread.
'Malacanang told me that,' Aguirre said in a chance interview on Thursday, referring to the rumor about him being appointed to SSS.
(Remember how you felt before you pass along an injurious rumor about others.)
When the public are in great need for information to fill the gap between their anxiety and the lack of information from normal media channels, they are likely to be susceptive to any information; hence, the rumor is accepted to serve this purpose, and then most people are very interested in the rumor about crisis as they would not distinguish uncertain information from right and wrong as their interest is an important factor for deciding whether to spread rumor or not.
Those that had created the rumor about the interference of the Brotherhood in my personal life are the same people who are behind the rumors that after the downfall of the Brotherhood from power I intend on taking Haifa back, all of which are untrue."
In order to assess the types and prevalence of rumors encountered by respondents, the first section of the questionnaire asked them to indicate how frequently, on average, a rumor about products, brands, or services reaches their ear.
In addition to looking up the status of a rumor about plastics, the site also shows users how to quickly research other Web rumors, whether they are about Nigerian banking scams or bogus viruses.
However, the interface between the two notions remains blurred, i.e., when was rumor about African-American culture and when was it a part of African-American culture?
Sanford Weinberg and his associates found evidence that people tended to hear a rumor about a hit-and-run accident two or three times before they passed it along.
However, the Korean news website MT Media says the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 5.99-inch Super AMOLED flexible display, not only returning it's formerly rumored size but rehashing a rumor about a flexible display.