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Text messages reached Sotto - rumored to be the city's new acting mayor - congratulating him for his 'recent appointment.
Going by the rumored spec sheet, the phone is likely to be a mid-range phone.
It has been rumored that the Chinese real estate firm Vantone is on the verge of signing a lease at 7 WTC for roughly 200,000 s/f.
John Lucero is rumored to be working up a model with Bulky Olson.
Finally, our study addresses the differential effect of true rumors versus false rumors, and we explore the return patterns of both truly and falsely rumored targets for clues in predicting the actual outcomes of the rumors.
The 10th anniversary iPhone is rumored to come with (http://www.
Koston is also rumored to be inking a publishing deal with Reagan Books.
The Note 8 battery is rumored to come with 3,300 mAh, while the Note 7 had a defective 3,500 mAh battery.
Upon hearing the news, Elissa Steamer put in her two weeks to ride for the newly conceived, highly secretive Baker off-shoot Bootleg Boards, whose other team riders are rumored to be recent Zero quitter Alex "Trainwreck" Gall, IE hot shoe Anthony Mosely, Euro-exile Ali Boulala and OG Warner Mobster Shane Heyl.