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RUMOR. A general public report of certain things, without any certainty as to their truth.
     2. In general, rumor cannot be received in evidence, but when the question is whether such rumor existed, and not its truth or falsehood, then evidence of it may be given.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Rumormonger: Former Nation columnist Alexander Cockburn
This is because they were influenced by some activists and rumormongers who publish false information claiming the islands are Egyptian.
We propose a user behavior based rumor identification schemes, in which the users' behaviors are treated as hidden clues to indicate who are likely to be rumormongers or what posts are possible rumor microblogs.
He has proved to the doubters and the rumormongers, who've gleefully cast suspicions on the strength of Saudi-Egyptian ties, that nothing will break the bond between these two neighboring Arab countries.
The statement undersigned by the NUP's secretary-general Sidiq Isma'il slammed "rumormongers" and stressed that NUP's members are highly committed to their party's decisions even if their convictions are in conflict with those decisions which are taken in a climate of democracy and participation.
Experts and rumormongers said the duck hunting was finished, that it would be years and even decades before the marshes would come back.
Given the way online rumormongers have been chuckling about Spider-Man for the past Few months, chronicling--with gleeful this production, I arrived at the rehearsal expecting something else: the sort of neurotic, sleep-deprived, overly caffeinated mania that comes from knowing that a mere two-and-a-half weeks from tonight, the stalls of the Foxwoods Theatre will be occupied by theatregoers who've shelled out a record-setting $140 for each orchestra seat to what is already (by far) the most grotesquely expensive undertaking in the history of the commercial theatre.
Instead, he focuses on dramatists who feature men whose informational authority is based on their earwitnessing when subjected to male rumormongers (3).
"The Army Command warns rumormongers that it will not be lenient in protecting the reputation of its military and retains the right to summon those who make accusations at random for investigation ...
Talking to Sindh chapter of PPPP Parliamentarians, on Tuesday, he said that all rumormongers should forget any minus one-two-three-four formulas, as the government would definitely complete its five-year tenure under any given circumstances, and would never run away.
These are terrific programs and the companies should be congratulated for their efforts to stymie the rumormongers, gossip girls and purveyors of untruth, even though this approach does sound a little bit like what they do in Iran and China.
He predicts that Tantawy's opinion will stir controversy, saying it will open the door to rumormongers, "which is not acceptable in Islam and can cause rifts within the community."