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RUMOR. A general public report of certain things, without any certainty as to their truth.
     2. In general, rumor cannot be received in evidence, but when the question is whether such rumor existed, and not its truth or falsehood, then evidence of it may be given.

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Daugherty et al., "A deterministic approach to the spread of rumors," Tech.
The Egyptian businessman said that he's stunned by the intensity of the rumor alleging that he's trying to convince Haifa to get back together with him.
A decade ago most rumors were purely speculative and unreliable nevertheless their effect on stock prices and on abnormal returns was often substantial.
'To save our women and children rumors should be prevented in strict measures," she added.
This mostly lines up with previous leaks and rumors about the fame.
'The agency will take strong action against groundless rumors regarding Park.
Last Sunday, rumors swirled that the President was confined at Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan, the same hospital where he underwent endoscopy last year.
Jimenez belied the report and said the people behind these malicious rumors will be charged with an election offense for 'undermining' the public confidence of the upcoming polls.
However, the main effect of media coverage is to popularize science education, improve the identification of the ignorant, reduce the probability of the ignorant believing rumors, and thus reduce the spreading rate of rumor dissemination, rather than prevent the spread of rumors.
Rumors on social networks regarding ADNOC Distribution not accepting cash or credit at service stations from Jan 1 are false.
On the other hand, the abuse of microblogs to spread rumors (or unreliable information) has also been widely reported[1].