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Dubai: In over two years after it launched a service to verify the authenticity of rumours spread through social media, Dubai Municipality thwarted 60 of them, an official said on Monday.
What distinguishes rumour from gossip, speculation and early articulations of 'news'?
The ChildLine founder said yesterday she had heard rumours about Savile since she started at the BBC in the early 70s - but "there is a real difference between rumour and evidence".
However, they have yet to find out who spread the rumour that resulted in the loss of Akhlaq's life.
In fact, there were many articles written about the rumour and it has become the most talk of the field.
7 -- Earlier this month, China girded up for a renewed fight against that sneaky opponent called the online rumour monger.
Ok, so this rumour may not actually be about the iPhone 5S, but it's worth mulling over.
Since Tuesday night, rumour mills have been working overtime, and mediahouses as well as the DMK headquarters were flooded with calls from all over the state regarding the former chief minister's well- being.
Singh emphasized that people from the northeastern states are not facing problems in any region of the country, and added that the ongoing rumour in Karnataka has to be stopped.
But in an email sent to staff yesterday Duncan Jones, assistant editor at the station in Priory Place, Coventry city centre, said: "I'm reluctant to give any credence to this at all but I'm aware of a rumour, which has been doing the rounds since last weekend, that some local radio stations are to be closed as part of the forthcoming changes to the shape of the BBC.
But he went online to say: "[Who would] starts a vicious rumour like that?
It goes without saying, that the influence of a rumour itself can be diverse.