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FAMOUS FOR: His rumpled, almost slovenly appearance, often with stubble.
Judith Laird is getting quite a reputation for her model dolls which she makes under the name Crumpled and Rumpled.
Am I talking about Ralph Nader, the rumpled champion of equally rumpled causes?
her dead daughters' grave for the rumpled cat-killed blue jay.
Apparently her appeal to men is the ``off the nest'' look, which I'm told means looking as if she's just emerged rumpled from the bed of a new paramour.
Vine's portrait of Darrow, dressed in a rumpled suit with a folksy demeanor, is as illuminating as the words she cites from his closing argument: "You twelve men are not only holding in your hands the future and destiny of my eleven clients," Darrow told the all-white jury, "but to a certain extent [you] are determining the problems of two races.
From the western side of Okinawa, their rumpled silhouettes are barely visible on the horizon--a secret corner, beckoning.
You know how when you wake up in the morning and you're kind of puffy and rumpled and you look kind of vulnerable?
Havel is a short and rumpled man, even in a sharp presidential suit.
The two men even looked alike: Each was over six feet tall, had piercing black eyes, and wore rumpled, ill-fitted clothes.