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Tops start at around PS40 and the leggings around PS60 and you can find the brand at Rumpus Resort (rumpusresort.
The rumpus began when PML-N MPA from Thatta Aijaz Ali Sherazi while taking part in the general debate on Sindh budget complained about alleged massive corruption in Sindh government and urged Sindh chief minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah to convene his ministers in a mosque and take oath from them on Holy Quran that this year they would not indulge in corrupt practices while spending budgetary funds as he claimed last year hardly 10 to 12 percent of budget had been spent properly.
Fer caused a right rumpus by scoring for Norwich despite everybody expecting him to simply return possession after Cardiff put the ball out for a Canaries player to receive treatment.
Nicholas also described the standoff between CSA's CEO Haroon Lorgat and the BCCI, which is seen as the major cause of the tour rumpus as ridiculous, the report said.
One said: "It caused a rumpus not the drama you expect on a night out.
Joanne Dawe, 21, clawed Jade Evans's face with her nails and tried to bite her arm during the rumpus which started after the defendant pulled up in Abergele Road in a car, magistrates at Llandudno were told.
Craft beer, an inspiring selection of brown spirits, barrel-aged cocktails and a blast of punk style make Milwaukee's Rumpus Room a destination for downtown dining and drinks.
In 2009 they released their debut album Rumpus which, as the title may suggest, was a fizz-banging collage of yelps and twangs and jumpy artrocking angles.
The rumpus caused by the introduction of the new system was not helped by some observers claiming the reduction in the amount of times riders could use their whips would eventually lead to the sport's death.
A rumpus and war of words between vibrant Fauzia Wahab and Abid Sher Ali were exchanged while member of the PML-N Rana Tanvir Hussain called PPPs Nadeem Afzal Chan as low caste turned the session into a fish market.
Tess, the founder of Rumpus Room Dance (a 2010 "25 to Watch"), slips her fluent, kinetic language onto a cast of 14 in And Then.
Karl Lagerfeld: The eccentric German fashion designer has caused a rumpus, claiming people who object to skeletons on the catwalk are "fat mummies".