run across

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I can't run a business and run across America at the same time.
Mark has previously run across the USA to raise money for charity and he spent PS15,000 of his own money to fund the trip, which raised PS105,000 for two charities.
The runners will start their activity from Hebron in the southern edge of the West Bank and run across Palestine to the north in five days.
And he said of the accident: "He'd been with his friends and went to run across the road but didn't realise that the car was so close.
The book also contains a glossary of scientific terms that kids will run across while conducting these experiments and a list of lab rules that, if followed, will keep youngsters safe and kitchens intact.
In my work in Southwest Asia, I've run across armorers ordering the wrong parts for their M16s or M4s.
The release, due Q4 2004, will allow LiveTime's J2EE support applications to capitalize on Ingres' mature and feature rich open source DBMS, and run across a diverse range of platforms including Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Red-Hat Linux.
Designed to emphasize the building's verticality, horizontal joints have been minimized, metal panels and projecting shading fins run across a number of floors, and each elevation is orientation specific, adding richness and individuality to the proposals.
Tom's run across the state was one of the best ways I can think of to call attention to the benefits of homegrown, renewable E85 fuel.
After being stopped by Sgt Williams, Mr Rogers had run across the road and leapt over a chain-link fence next to the steep river bank.
A Canada goose (right) contemplates the energetic arrival of 9-year-old Jessica Catledge (left) and her 6-year-old brother, Trevor Catledge, as they run across a millrace foot path at Alton Baker Park in Eugene.
REST STOP: Mark on Aspen outskirts; ON A HIGH: A breather at 12,095ft; FINISHED: San Francisco, end of the run; TREK IT OUT: Mark in Monument Valley; ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Mark was inspired to run across America by the hit film Forrest Gump