run afoul of

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Wexler and his staff appear to assiduously strive to tamp down their assertive positions into a palatable gruel, lest they run afoul of the Republican majority or, even, tremulous members of the Democratic leadership.
Even well-thought-out programs for new technology deployments can run afoul of organizational resistance, writes Longview Technologies CFO Dave Murray in our cover story on maximizing the use of technology.
All of the county's policies were reasonable, according to the 9th Circuit, and were necessary to ensure the department did not run afoul of the separation of church and state.
His bill would, among other things, increase fines for broadcasters who run afoul of indecency rules, expand the Federal Communications Commission's regulatory authority to cover "gratuitous violence," and, most radically, subject "basic" and "enhanced basic" cable and satellite programming to the same content rules broadcasters must follow.
In the meantime, given the stiffened penalties facing those who run afoul of ERISA, the wise course for plan sponsors is to review the procedures by which they carry out their fiduciary duties, asking at every step whether the procedures are reasonable and likely to bring about the desired end.
Ben and his best friend Jilly attempt to discover a local connection, and in doing so run afoul of the owner of a "canned hunt" farm where hunters pay large fees to kill exotic trophy animals discarded by circuses and zoos.
In many cases private annuities are an excellent vehicle to transfer assets to a related party and not run afoul of the Medicaid eligibility rules.
Putting in place a widespread government ban could come too late and may also run afoul of international trade regulations, Bodner contended.
But this practice recently run afoul of religious conservatives in the Presbyterian Church (USA), who said Van Kuiken was violating biblical law and the church constitution.
In the past such voucher programs have run afoul of the constitutional "proscription" that they would violate the separation of church and state.
If the entity is switched often between branch and partnership solely to change the source of income, the constant recharacterization may run afoul of the anti-abuse rule in Regs.