run against

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Hopefully, we make another Cinderella run against these foes,' he said.
Two Republicans are competing to succeed Hanna; no Democrat filed to run against the winner.
When another teacher Mr McAllister (the ever-watchable Matthew Broderick) bribes dumb jock Paul (Chris Klein) to run against Tracy in the school elections, she is mortified.
Summary: Arsenal have ended their five-match losing run against Chelsea with a stunning victory at Emirates Stadium.
In an interview with CNN's Larry King, Biden said that it would be "a really interesting race" if Palin were to run against Obama in 2012.
In 1997, for example, it allowed Mohammad Khatami to run against the obvious anointed candidate of the establishment, Ali-Akbar Nateq-Nuri--and to the surprise of all, Khatami won.
Several Republicans have taken out nomination papers to run against U.
Three SPLM Members Quit Party; To Run Against It in April Polls as Independents
But the Paisley men now embark on a run against the SPL's lesser lights, starting against Falkirk this weekend, that Thomson hopes will see them climb the table.
Baldwin denied speculation that he was preparing to run against former vice-presidentiacandidate Joe Lieberman.