run away

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In a statement issued, Shehbaz, in an apparent reference to former president Pervez Musharraf, said the people who wanted to see them [Sharifs] run away have run away themselves.
But I know, he is a coward, he is scared and will run away," said Gandhi as he turned back and enacted how Modi would run, triggering laughter among the audience.
I probably wanted to run away; to go to a place where no one would know me or recognize me.
We are not those who run away, but we are those who give blood.
Blue Salon has introduced in Qatar the new Run Away Diamonds Collection from Fendi timepieces.
Rawalpindi -- Cantonment Police arrested two motorcyclists allegedly involved in a dacoity at Saddar Rawalpindi but aerial firing in celebration by police party but one of the accused managed to run away with his motorcycle.
Summary: Patna (Bihar) [India], Aug 31 (ANI): Patna police on Thursday confirmed that two women from the Aasra Shelter Home in Bihar's Rajeev Nagar managed to run away despite tight security.
'...What I'm telling you when George Weah wins, World Bank will run away, the EU will run away.
Children who run away may be at risk of violence or being trafficked.
Infused with the energy of the new F is Fendi logo, the Run Away Watch Collections have a streamlined yet sophisticated design, featuring a playful interplay of strong geometries and soft lines on the case.
WHY did I keep on running Always running away What was I trying to find Why did I pick my old battered suitcase And run out of another door Leaving only anger behind Locked doors and pain Walking through the cold black night And pouring rain I run away - far away Just me and my old battered suitcase Full of old memories Black and white photos from 1968 Taken in a house in Essex That I used to hate Snapshots of my parents Pretending to have fun But I'm looking down the barrel of a gun Old decayed faces trying to smile Sad memories locked away in a file Now I came to another door But too scared to open it Knowing I will leave it very soon It always happens The anger, hurt and pain Then me and my old battered suitcase Take the last train into the night With a ticket to "anywhere."
She had a tantrum (because of some injustices involving a purple shirt and breakfast cereal) and was banished to her bedroom before deciding to run away. Understanding that kids have ups and downs, Grace's mom wisely gave her daughter the space and time she needed to reach her own decision to return home--to open arms.