run counter

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Osborne, having a firm conviction in his own mind that he was a woman-killer and destined to conquer, did not run counter to his fate, but yielded himself up to it quite complacently.
A militant group on Monday criticized the government's move to proceed with this year's Philippines-United States Balikatan exercises, saying the military drills run counter to President Rodrigo Duterte's vow to maintain an 'independent' foreign policy.
The EU also calls upon both sides to avoid steps that run counter to the Quartet's efforts to restart negotiations.
Ashton statement said that the actions of the Israeli government has ignored urgent calls by the international community, and has also run counter to achieving a peaceful solution that will preserve ISrael's security and realize the Palestinians' righ to statehood.
Summary: Rabat - Moroccan authorities have recently expelled foreigners, from different nationalities, who have committed acts that run counter to laws in force, the Interior Ministry said.
Airline shares typically run counter to oil prices, since jet fuel is one of airlines' biggest costs next to labor.
He attacked the court for restricting the teaching of religious dogma in public schools and said such decisions run counter to American history.