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I would have one or two of them run down now and then, if I had my way, just to teach them all a lesson.
Par-don me," he said, "but when my thoughts run down, my speech has no mean-ing, for words are formed on-ly by thought.
Millot was stumbling, laughing, swearing meaninglessly out of pure satisfaction, pleased with himself for having run down that fly-by-night.
It's summut run down in the fog, ma'am,' answered Bob.
Aunt Sally and Benny was thankful to hear him say that, and they said the same; but the old man he wagged his head sorrowful and hopeless, and the tears run down his face, and he says;
As the months went on, it had seemed more and more difficult to him to say why he should not run down to Middlemarch--merely for the sake of hearing something about Dorothea; and if on such a flying visit he should chance by some strange coincidence to meet with her, there was no reason for him to be ashamed of having taken an innocent journey which he had beforehand supposed that he should not take.
It’s more than flesh and blood can bear to hear a Frenchman run down an English church in this manner.
he thought, feeling a cold shudder run down his back, and having fastened his fur coats again and wrapped himself up, he snuggled into a corner of the sledge intending to wait patiently.
And then shall I run down the cellar and get some russets, Matthew?
I think I'll go down and--no, I won't JUST yet, ' she went on, checking herself just as she was beginning to run down the hill, and trying to find some excuse for turning shy so suddenly.
In another moment she had run down the steps, and had rushed into the carriage as if it was a hiding-place.
There is no doubt food stocks have been run down," said Jonathan Cunliffe, the IMC Yemen country director.