run from

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There are two types that can be run from the Shotgun Spread.
Gold can be run from any formation featuring one or more wide receivers.
It can be run from formations such as the "I", split backs or Wing-T with either a tight-end wing set or to a tight-slot set.
Very few play-action passes are run from the shotgun, but with the motion that we use with our single-wing attack, such passes can be very effective from the "Gun."
2 to 6 show the five basic plays we run from our Red and Blue formations.
Both of these players know what to run from the 84 call - recognizing that an 80 pass is playside right, and by having memorized the passing tree.
It should be noted that in a "fire zone" the defensive lineman will not drop if he reads run from his key -- the offensive lineman, meaning that you will end up with a 6-man pressure vs the run.
Be run from a formation currently in use to avoid the necessity of developing any additional plays for a new formation.
Interval 1: Run from one goal line to the other (100 yards) and back (100 yards), a total of 200 yards.