run into debt

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They would sell their furniture, and then run into debt at the stores, and then be refused credit; they would borrow a little from the Szedvilases, whose delicatessen store was tottering on the brink of ruin; the neighbors would come and help them a little--poor, sick Jadvyga would bring a few spare pennies, as she always did when people were starving, and Tamoszius Kuszleika would bring them the proceeds of a night's fiddling.
Bulgaria's National Electric Company has run into debt amounting to BGN 2,353 B by the end of 2013, according to the Economy and Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev.
A FINANCIAL health service that will help those who run into debt problems should be up and running next year.
Each morning when you wake up, you must know that your country has run into debt with new 685,000 euro because this is the average amount that the government has been running into debt over the past four years, former official Kire Naumov analyzes for Dnevnik.
It called on lenders to treat people who run into debt fairly and constructively, and to check carefully whether borrowers can afford further credit.
Maggie Dunn, who heads the Nurses National Negotiating Committee said: "This is causing significant hardship to nurses, some of whom have run into debt to go on holiday.
While we don't condone running up huge bills without the ability to pay, it is important that a large company realises some people need assistance when they run into debt.