run of luck

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He had time, likewise, to see the radiant countenance of the cardinal, when he perceived before him, upon the table, an enormous heap of gold, which the Comte de Guiche had won in a run of luck, after his eminence had confided his cards to him.
That 'ere Dodger has such a run of luck that there's no standing again' him.'
Regardless of the run of luck, and mindful only of the desperate passion which had its hold upon her grandfather, losses and gains were to her alike.
Fred felt sure that he should have a present from his uncle, that he should have a run of luck, that by dint of "swapping" he should gradually metamorphose a horse worth forty pounds into a horse that would fetch a hundred at any moment--"judgment" being always equivalent to an unspecified sum in hard cash.
They had evidently had a run of luck, and, like winning gamblers, were in high good humor.
I have had a pretty good run of luck here, and here's two hundred and thirty pounds.
"I'm out here with some of my friends, I feel like I've had a great run of luck lately.
Having been a member at the club for more than five years, Naomi is a firm favourite among regular players, who were all thrilled to join in the celebrations for her run of luck.
Saints are at home to Catalans Dragons next weekend in a game they should win and a brief look at the fixtures of the teams above them suggests, with a reasonable run of luck with results elsewhere, they could really put themselves in the mix.
From blisters to bliss, have a run of luck Good luck to all those running the London Marathon today.
A lottery spokesman said British punters were having an "unbelievable run of luck" on EuroMillions.
ALAN Pardew's run of luck has put the club back yet another year.