run parallel to

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Chile, as may be seen in the maps, is a narrow strip of land between the Cordillera and the Pacific; and this strip is itself traversed by several mountain-lines, which in this part run parallel to the great range.
The third and final phase of testing is schduled to take place on 14 June, 2014 between stops one to five, which run parallel to Jumeriah Lakes Towers and Dubai Marina metro stations.
4-mile expressway will run parallel to the country s Central Expressway, connecting towns along the north-south corridor with the city centre.
They will run parallel to each other for about 100 miles, leaving us, the inhabitants of this village, scratching our heads.
Atchison designed two cast steel side frames to run parallel to the tracks and a bolster to run across the two side frames, which would form the support structure for the truck assembly.
The floorboards are 200mm wide, 50mm thick pine planks and run parallel to the axis of the space.
The workers hammering away next to the cathedral are constructing a rectangular building that will run parallel to the church, with a garden and walkway in between, containing 42 apartment units and ground-floor commercial space targeted at medical professionals or similar tenants.
It is fascinating to read how Kat's actions run parallel to those of her sister and how the lackadaisical attitude of their parents feeds this behavior.
Essentially, it is a set of rails that run parallel to each other from the front to the rear of the vehicle down the center of the headliner.
Plantain, on the other hand, has side veins and a midrib which all run parallel to one another down to the base of the plant.