run parallel to

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Chile, as may be seen in the maps, is a narrow strip of land between the Cordillera and the Pacific; and this strip is itself traversed by several mountain-lines, which in this part run parallel to the great range.
Its route would run parallel to GT Road, passing east of Daska, east of Sambrial and end in Gujrat, he added.
Summary: 12-lane bridge to run parallel to the tunnel, carrying 24,000 vehicles per hour
Two additional discussions will run parallel to the main lecture stream for delegates who are currently undertaking IP training or contemplating doing so on Case record analysis, and The path to independent prescribing and where it may lead.
The EUR 292m project requires to build a 7 km double-track electrified alignment, which would leave the current line at Howald and then run parallel to the A3 motorway, rejoining the current route near Bettembourg.
The third and final phase of testing is schduled to take place on 14 June, 2014 between stops one to five, which run parallel to Jumeriah Lakes Towers and Dubai Marina metro stations.
It's hoped this type of event will run parallel to the senior league season and will be based throughout all of the South Wales area.
The zone will cover all areas within the boundary of the alleys which run parallel to Larch Road, up to Sycamore Road and down to Borough Road.
Hence a proposal to revive old route of Dhoro-Hakro which would run parallel to LBOD.
The system includes a series of three work platforms approximately 600 feet long by 22 feet wide that run parallel to one another.
It will run parallel to the M50 and will connect with the Luas line at Tallaght.