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Demonarrows No excuses, it''s the second lousy performance by the Blues, if we don''t improve quickly Northampton will run rings around us.
The Windies star was able to run rings around England's bowlers in the Caribbean as they failed to take 20 wickets in any of the five Test matches.
Those hayseed Limbaugh listeners may not possess Derbyshire's vocabulary, but they run rings around him in the real world.
Things only get worse for him when the youngsters of the Emmerdale Explorers run rings around him.
I remember he used to talk about the Boro Swifts, and naturally Don used to run rings around us when we played, for fun of course.
RM alluded to the fact that southerners could run rings around the Geordies.
They would run rings around Fowler and Hasselbaink.
Aided by their sexy cousin Daisy (Jessica Simpson) and moonshine-running Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson), the boys run rings around Hogg and co in The General Lee.