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GERMANY may have run rings round Australia, and ran the extra mile against Serbia, but coach Joachim Loew is putting the emphasis on running Ghana ragged tonight.
The Koreans proceeded to run rings round the Greeks and were close to a second goal in the 27th minute after Park Ji Sung's superb through ball found Park Chu Young only for the Monaco striker's shot to be deflected over the crossbar by keeper Alexandros Tzorvas.
Ruth, 39, said: "James is the way he is now because he's been allowed to run rings round the justice system.
In a series of TV debates in 2000 prior to the US election, Al Gore used all his suave intellect to run rings round George W Bush who fluffed his lines and repeatedly seemed lost for words.
When the members of a high school basketball team meet their new coach, a former professional player, they think they can run rings round him on and off the court.
15) is fancied to run rings round his rivals in division two of the 3m maiden hurdle at Hexham today.
The latest calendar craze is set to run rings round traditional favourites like Kylie and David Beckham.
It is at this stage in a parliament that the Opposition party at Westminster should run rings round the government party at the town hall polls.