run the risk

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Hunt feared that he might be several days in passing through this mountain defile, and run the risk of famine, he encamped in the neighborhood of the Indians, for the purpose of bartering with them for a horse.
"And you would really run the risk for four thousand pounds?"
Young people should also remember they run the risk of running up drug debts which will be multiplied many times by the drug gangs who will then firebomb their homes if they fail to pay up.
Fast-paced and character-driven, Run the Risk is an engaging work of realistic fiction appropriate for reluctant readers.
UK dairy farmers are being advised to remove aftermath from silage fields or run the risk of a higher mycotoxin challenge in the conserved forage they make this year.
By accepting these items without question, jewellers and pawnbrokers can run the risk of being charged with handling stolen goods, especially if they have not taken the proper precautions, for example, asking sellers for ID.
But Di Canio immediately confirmed that Sunderland would appeal against the suspension - and insisted he would not run the risk of Sessegnon's ban being extended by a further game for a 'frivolous appeal' unless he was confident there is a chance of the card being rescinded.
If Cardiff don't cash in on their prize asset at the moment, they run the risk of losing a seven-figure windfall.
We could lose a fabric of the nation and run the risk of losing a vital part of society."
It forms part of a Europe-wide initiative around level crossing safety and runs in conjunction with Network Rail's Don't Run the Risk campaign.
The Health and Safety Executive's Hidden Killer campaign is targeting the 1.8 million tradesmen who run the risk of exposure to deadly asbestos fibres each working day.
The images have been released as Network Rail launches its autumn campaign Don't Run The Risk to encourage people to act with care at level crossings.