run together

References in classic literature ?
The sun soon dried her and the colors of her patches proved good, for they did not run together nor did they fade.
Someone most unfortunately happened to tell him that they had left the run together, and had been seen riding together towards White Lodge, which was the name of the house where these two young men lived.
His words did run together a little, but he was not drunk.
It's awful undermining to the intellect, German is; you want to take it in small doses, or first you know your brains all run together, and you feel them sloshing around in your head same as so much drawn butter.
But as the last two days had been very warm, like an Indian summer, the ice was not now transparent, showing the dark green color of the water, and the bottom, but opaque and whitish or gray, and though twice as thick was hardly stronger than before, for the air bubbles had greatly expanded under this heat and run together, and lost their regularity; they were no longer one directly over another, but often like silvery coins poured from a bag, one overlapping another, or in thin flakes, as if occupying slight cleavages.
Speaking had been going on all the time, and the audience was clapping its hands and shouting, thrilling with excitement; and little by little the sounds were beginning to blur in Jurgis's ears, and his thoughts were beginning to run together, and his head to wobble and nod.
Now, since our roads run together for a while, I do not see that we in any way depart from our Search if so be we accompany her - at least as far as - I have forgotten the name of the city.
We believe we're capable of putting a run together and start climbing the table.
If we manage to put a little run together then your ambitions could change then, but for now we take it game by game, and if we do put a run together we can reassess then.
We've spoken about putting a run together but the next thing we need is to put back-to-back wins together.
For those guys to pack it up and run together, that was kind of the main objective," said Oregon associate head coach Andy Powell, who is in charge of the men's team.
If the guys are willing to buy into it we can put a run together but we do need to get healthy first so we can get some cohesion.