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A total of 426 candidates are contesting the remaining 213 seats in the run-offs as nine candidates only have secured their seats by winning the majority of votes from the first round.
In Vidin, Rosica Kirova, the candidate of local coalition "United for change" will face Ognyan Tsenkov, the candidate of GERB, in a run-off.
By the end of the day today when the presidential race run-off comes to an official end, the democratic fine-tuning of the electoral process will have been accomplished; and when the Higher Presidential Election Commission announces the name of the winner shortly afterwards, Egyptians can then deservedly pride themselves with having managed to choose for the first time ever a head-of-state who truly represents the free will of the majority of people.
In a run-off with low turnout, highly motivated blocs of voters tend to vote in larger proportions and have greater impact.
The run-offs will be limited to the individual seats, as "For the Love of Egypt" won all the lists-based seats contested in the first round.