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It's just easier for the ones involved to get a runabout since stealing a car is now so difficult.
Meanwhile, a friend told him about an elderly gentlemen who had two ancient wooden runabouts under tarps on his property.
People horde around it" at boat ramps and on docks, Hal May of Junction City says of Touche, his 1930 Chris-Craft runabout with triple cockpits, two windshields and 125-horsepower engine.
Rinker Boat builds fiberglass runabouts and cruisers selling for $10,000 to $78,000.
Insuring an antique and classic runabout is unlike covering any other type of boat or yacht," said Chantal Cyr, vice president of Travelers Boat and Yacht Division.
Rinker builds runabouts and cruisers ranging from 17 feet to 30 feet long, while GW Invader builds runabouts in the 17-to-20- foot range.
The study includes seven segments: fiberglass bass boats, small runabouts (16-19 feet), large runabouts (20-29 feet), express cruisers (24-33 feet), coastal fishing (17-28 feet), pontoons and ski/wakeboard boats.
The INAMAR insurance programs cover everything from the smallest runabouts to the most luxurious yachts.
The Taylorsville Lake dock is a state-of-the-art marina, which accommodates canoes, runabouts, cruisers and houseboats.
A dockside display of 150 power classics, retro runabouts and even custom dinghies are showcased at this show, which includes several Puget Sound builders who will be unveiling new models for the first time.
Respondents were actual boat owners who purchased 70 different brands of bass boats, runabouts, coastal fishing boats, express cruisers, pontoon boats and ski/wakeboard boats.