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An energy recovery coil was installed in the RAH similar to a runaround coil but connected to both the building hot water loop (summer) and chilled water loop (winter).
He was the first host of Runaround, when it launched in 1975 Audiences were introduced to two school teams of five players who each gave their name, age, where they came from and their hobbies, complete with a cheesy thumbs up to camera.
As "an old head" berated her, "I told you to hang three cars, let two go to the runaround, one to the main, go through the crossovers, and line behind.
Attorney John Root of the Catlett Stubblefield Bonds & Fleming law firm at Little Rock may have put it best when he told us, "I know this sounds like you're getting the runaround.
The Old Runaround Desktop publishers have been attracted to one program after another because of various features.
SEVEN sets of twins have been giving nursery workers the runaround by pretending to be one another.
We're halfway there but in the game against Den Haag they gave us the runaround a wee bit.
After his wife leaves him on their honeymoon, Stiller falls for Aniston, who gives him the runaround.
Six separate exhaust air handlers with runaround heat recovery coils are manifolded and operated in a similar fashion, providing full redundancy.
As I have experienced it, their real policy consists of giving the runaround to those who complain until they grow tired of complaining and learn to put up with the racket being imposed upon them.
I feel pretty confident going into the derby game but reckon Zarate could give Knight the runaround.
A WHY not suggest she takes some refresher driving lessons, and invest in a little runaround for her?