running expenses

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For the most odious weeks I had been a licensed digger on Black Hill Flats; and I had actually failed to make running expenses.
Not alone was his capital depleted by the amount of her value, but her earnings were no longer to be reckoned on, and it was her earnings that largely paid the running expenses of the plantation.
The hospice, based at the George Eliot Hospital, is selling the Christmas cards to fund its running expenses.
St Giles relies on its voluntary helpers raising several thousands of pounds every day to meet its running expenses.
By receiving various small grants, including one from the Lottery, and increasing the charge per child to pounds 6 per course, as against pounds 5 when the council organised the courses, we have been able to purchase our own equipment and cover running expenses.
So far we've raised money to have apartments converted on the top floor and the building of the museum below but we've got a short fall for running expenses," says the designer viewing her empire.
Therefore, the company believes changes in running expenses (i.
Ce/Con/ Darbhanga, Including All Running Expenses, All Type Of Taxes, License Fee, Permits, Fuel, Driver Pol Etc.
Walsall men eat fish and chips and drink beer, and the entire running expenses of the club this season have been pounds 75.
Summary Consolidated Statements of Income Three Months Ended ($000) March 31, 2002 2001 Time Charter Equivalent Revenues $ 63,879 $ 126,744 Running Expenses (including time charter hire and depreciation) 46,498 50,828 General & Administrative 7,846 9,874 Restructuring Charge -- 8,545 Total Shipping Expenses 54,344 69,247 Income from Vessel Operations (100% owned) 9,535 57,497 Equity in Income from Joint Ventures 1,945 5,308 Operating Income 11,480 62,805 Other Income 2,535 8,987 Income before Interest and Taxes 14,015 71,792 Interest Expense 12,946 11,199 Income before Taxes 1,069 60,593 Provision for Federal Income Taxes 325 20,230 Net Income $ 744 $ 40,363 Basic Net Income per Share $ 0.
The New Construction Program gives professionals, including those involved with self-storage construction, building design, operation or ownership, with financial incentives, energy-saving resources, and training designed to help lower building running expenses, optimize energy performance, and decrease emissions.
During the equipping, startup and production ramp phase of the Dominion wafer fab, the fab efficiency will be low and the output will be insufficient to cover running expenses.