running expenses

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Nothing steady could Daughtry procure, while his occasional odd jobs did not balance his various running expenses. Even did he do pick-and- shovel work, for the municipality, for three days, when he had to give way, according to the impartial procedure, to another needy one whom three days' work would keep afloat a little longer.
For the most odious weeks I had been a licensed digger on Black Hill Flats; and I had actually failed to make running expenses. That, however, will surprise you the less when I pause to declare that I have paid as much as four shillings and sixpence for half a loaf of execrable bread; that my mate and I, between us, seldom took more than a few pennyweights of gold-dust in any one day; and never once struck pick into nugget, big or little, though we had the mortification of inspecting the "mammoth masses" of which we found the papers full on landing, and which had brought the gold-fever to its height during our very voyage.
Not alone was his capital depleted by the amount of her value, but her earnings were no longer to be reckoned on, and it was her earnings that largely paid the running expenses of the plantation.
Filipino expat Jimmy Lapingcao said as his family of three with a seven-year-old school going child, the family spends as much as 54 per cent of their income towards running expenses of the house, education, rent etc.
Local philanthropists have so far donated Rs200 million for the construction work -- installation of machinery and running expenses on dialysis.
Customers availing credit purchases pay the amount either at the end of month or after one to two weeks while in many cases 'we have to remind the customers to clear their dues to meet our shops' running expenses.'
Birmingham council spent PS336,000 on staff and PS292,000 on running expenses for bus lane enforcement in 2017/18.
She said their expenditure proposal was over P135 million (50 per cent) for Personnel Emoluments, Running Expenses at P59.3 million (22 per cent), Establishment Expenses at P20.2 million (7 per cent) and Special Expenses at P56.6 million thus 21 per cent.
Tenders are invited for Running expenses, repair, renovation and maintenance of youth centre qasbanagam under sadhavana-xxii
The government's running expenses will be slashed to Rs437 billion from Rs460 billion in the next fiscal year.
The Government's running expenses slashed to Rs 437 billion from Rs 460 billion and defence budget to be kept static at Rs1.15 trillion.
And never the twain shall meet, transferring funds from one to another, viring, is strictly regulated to ensure money earmarked for long-term projects isn't pilfered for running expenses. It is a tried and tested system and it makes sense as long as both allocations are adequate.