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To ensure the real three-year-old Running Rein could not be produced at the hearing, Bentinck had the colt removed from his stable, leaving Goodman with the four-year-old Maccabeaus who had run in the Derby.
The received wisdom is that he arranged to have the real Running Rein stolen from his stables so that he could not be paraded before the judge and jury as the Derby winner, though the author of this new account does not agree.
The two crooks were destined to clash over the 1844 Derby, which Goodman plotted to win with a four-year-old masquerading as the three-year-old Running Rein.
As a consequence, the verdict went in favour of Orlando's owner, and 'Running Rein' was disqualified.
The starter was Lord George Bentinck, pillar of the Jockey Club, scourge of corruption, and the man about to unmask the great Derby scandal a month later when the winner Running Rein was admitted to be a four-year-old.
UNLESS someone is planning a scam on the lines of Running Rein, Betfair's ante-post markets backers should beware.
Running Rein passed the post first but was in fact a four-year-old named Maccabeus.