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PETER got down very quietly off the wheelbarrow, and started running as fast as he could go, along a straight walk behind some black-currant bushes.
Yes," the Man Running for Office replied, "but think how much longer I keep going
Before long the sexton came by and saw his master, the parson, running behind three girls.
They were running over the surface of a world frozen and dead.
he said, splashing with his soaked boots through the standing water and running up to them.
The troops were running in such a dense mass that once surrounded by them it was difficult to get out again.
The Dodger and Master Bates, unwilling to attract public attention by running down the open street, had merely retured into the very first doorway round the corner.
The green California spring merged into tawny summer, as Jerry, ever running afield, made Michael acquainted with the farthest and highest reaches of the Kennan ranch in the Valley of the Moon.
I don't even know how long it was after the Sergeant had gone to the sands, when Duffy came running back with a message for me.
I turned and, running madly, made for the first group of trees, perhaps a hundred yards away; but I ran slantingly and stumbling, for I could not avert my face from these things.
He is not yet living with me, and I have to go running hither and thither to find him.