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Republicans didn't have a single statewide race on their runoff ballot in 2008; the biggest draw in Texas was for Harris County DA, which attracted 40,068 voters, who favored Pat Lykos over Kelly Siegler.
Once the decision is made to go into runoff, a company has a few options: execute an outright sale of the company or book; perform a loss portfolio transfer; or run off the liabilities to conclusion.
1] was applied until runoff commenced, after which rainfall application was continued for a further 15 min, during which surface runoff was collected for analysis.
Moore and colleagues conducted a similar study on the pyrethroid esfenvalerate with similar results--3 hours after the runoff simulation began, 99 percent of the pesticide was associated with the ditch vegetation.
The process of dissolution is influenced by contact time, which in turn is affected by runoff rates and path-length (Nash et al.
1999) found that the simulated peak runoff rate and total runoff volume both increase with increasing cell size.
Seventh Circuit: In Group 27, Clyde Wolfe and Luis Bustamante made the runoff with 38.
The L-THIA model, developed to fill the need for a simple assessment tool, has the capability to provide relative estimates of direct runoff and nonpoint source (NPS) pollution from different land uses (Bhaduri 1998).
Joseph Independent Sewer District to determine the impact of stormwater runoff on the sewer.
Since runoff from an acre of pavement is about 10-20 times greater than the runoff from an acre of grass, Kelsch says impervious surfaces can quickly trigger devastating floods that can produce a host of their own environmental health hazards.
EPA has acknowledged that polluted runoff from construction sites can exceed that from undisturbed sites by 1,000 times or more.
Concentrations in the runoff were compared to those in minimally impacted streams, otherwise known as reference streams.