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Ahuja LR, Lehman OR (1983) The extent of and nature of rainfall soil interaction and the release of soluble chemicals in runoff.
During the first runoff event, the compost blanket reduced peak runoff rates by 34%, the 2:1 blanket by 32%, the 1:2 blanket by 33%, the wood mulch blanket by 20%, and the straw blanket with PAM by only 7%.
In Group 32, Pat Siracusa and LeAnne Lake made the runoff with 49.
Lowe's also agreed to collaborate with CLF on design of runoff controls for future Lowe's stores in Vermont, including a groundbreaking commitment to a pilot "green roof" system.
Unfortunately, runoff pollution continues long after construction (see cover story this issue).
Models that capture many of the factors controlling runoff typically require extensive input data and user expertise.
The vendor customized both units to treat runoff from the site and sized the StormFilter to treat the first flush of a storm.
1997) studied runoff from bermudagrass plots simulating golf course fairways that were bordered by grass buffers of differing length and mowing height.
How do I know if I'm eligible to vote in one of the runoff elections?
It asks the Court to order that Chairman Korkoya and NEC's Executive Director be disqualified from participating in anything regarding the runoff.
The relationship between evaporation and runoff at the land surface is captured In a simple "efficiency space" framework.