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McGuinty claimed Martel's lack of support for the Kirkland Lake plan runs counter to the mandate of her ministry.
They imply that a river can be a lesser stream than its tributary, which runs counter to any plausible definition of tributary.
This runs counter to the views voiced long ago by Federico Melis and Armando Sapori, who assumed that the cash-box and barter were sufficient resources to meet the needs of merchants like these.
Strange as it seems - and at first you imagine as a foreigner that this is part of the natural perversity of the country - the orientation runs counter to the history of Darwin's development.
The company believes that the appellate court will find that today's certification decision runs counter to the overwhelming weight of federal and state case law regarding class actions in smokers' litigation and must be reversed.
The Angelides campaign said the governor's event today runs counter to his record.
Yet this thinking runs counter to the hygiene hypothesis and is not discussed in the article.
Such a reading runs counter to a more critical and cynical spirit in recent readings of the play by Charles Squier, Kathleen McLuskie, and Sandra Clark.
From all available evidence, this exhibition articulates a feminine sensibility that runs counter to the museographical codes (violence and the authority of modes of representation), though it is impossible to speak of a feminist rereading.
Remember that a perfect Expectational Analysis (R) recipe features sentiment that runs counter to the price trend in the underlying stock or sector).
Committee chair Assemblywoman Carol Liu, D-Pasadena, currently opposes it because it runs counter to the master plan.
This approach runs counter to the century-old idea that cavitation is always a problem.