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McGuinty claimed Martel's lack of support for the Kirkland Lake plan runs counter to the mandate of her ministry.
Consequently, Tognetti seeks to offer a type of analysis that runs counter to the trend in the history of banking that has neglected social history.
The company believes that the appellate court will find that today's certification decision runs counter to the overwhelming weight of federal and state case law regarding class actions in smokers' litigation and must be reversed.
The Angelides campaign said the governor's event today runs counter to his record.
There is a prosaic, industrial look to these activities that runs counter to the excited tone of the newsreel narrator, who glosses over the obvious tedium of much of the work to gush that "great changes are occurring throughout the universe" and that the "scientific eye of America" will be there to watch and record them for the betterment of all.
Yet this thinking runs counter to the hygiene hypothesis and is not discussed in the article.
Such a reading runs counter to a more critical and cynical spirit in recent readings of the play by Charles Squier, Kathleen McLuskie, and Sandra Clark.
Remember that a perfect Expectational Analysis (R) recipe features sentiment that runs counter to the price trend in the underlying stock or sector).
The clinic's opening runs counter to recent trends in local health care.
In so doing, the co-director of Le Consortium, Dijon, runs counter to contemporary curatorial practice: While others go around the world with the goal of finding "new artists" and re-creating the liveliness of a particular art scene (English, Nordic, Mexican, Asian), Troncy surveys his own universe, takes the measure of his personal geography, and initiates a mental casting call for artworks.
This approach runs counter to the century-old idea that cavitation is always a problem.
As regular readers know, at Schaeffer's we focus on stocks with performance that runs counter to the prevailing sentiment.