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I signed up for my first - the Dorney Triathlon in Berkshire, run by Active Training World and RunThrough - slightly apprehensively, having kept all three exercises entirely separate my whole life.
"So we had the final runthrough, and I did this boring routine, and the producer said, 'What's going on, are you ill?' I said, 'No, no, I'm just taking in the notes from your boss.'
We placed the lead in the great vein, ALV, lateral vein, and PLV along with a Runthrough NS wire (Terumo, Japan).
In another part of the Everyman, the set is being built and the lighting rigs are setting up for the first technical runthrough of the show written by regular panto scribes Sarah A Nixon and Mark Chatterton.
MONTH TWO A MARATHON is a daunting aim, so having some shorter organised events in the diary is a great way to get into the groove of race days and how they work - I take part in the RunThrough 10k race in Greenwich Park, where the London Marathon starts.
She would do the piece as full-out as possible in the back of the room, usually without a partner, and then watch a runthrough from the front.
The first training workshops will begin today and will runthrough April and May in co-operation with the Ministry ofAdministrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs, Hamad MedicalCorporation and Qatar Petroleum.
I vocalize before a runthrough. I swap stories with the entire team so I will feel at ease, knowing we are solid onstage and off.
A 0.014" Runthrough guidewire (Terumo, Somerset, NJ, USA) was advanced into the LCx artery, and a second 0.014" Runthrough wire advanced into the LAD.
These include two new Crucible game modes, a new strike and an early runthrough for the game's opening stage.
After a runthrough of how to operate her and how to navigate the locks we decided to stay moored in Bath and explore the city for the first night.
The lesion was crossed with a runthrough wire (Terumo Corporation, Tokyo, Japan).