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BAI Ling from the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (ITP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences revealed that the rupture length of the 2015 moment magnitude 7.8 Gorkha earthquake was likely controlled by spatial (both along- and across-strike) variations in the Main Himalayan Thrust.
An acute dissection of the thoracic aorta, one of the most common causes of aortic emergencies, requires prompt diagnosis and treatment 0.[1] The presence of dissection, the dissection type, and its complications can be determined with a sensitivity and specificity of nearly 100% through CTA.[2] Aortic rupture is a common and fatal complication of type B aortic dissection.
"To definitively diagnosis a urethral rupture, your veterinarian may need to do a specialized x-ray study called retrograde urethography.
There is no specific clinical manifestation for spontaneous rupture of the urinary collecting system.
Aneurysm rupture, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, cerebral angiospasm and recurrence were observed after surgery.
The study used the impacts of the magnitude 7.8 Kaik?ura earthquake in November 2016 as a guide to the potential effects of an Alpine Fault rupture. It said there should be contingency plans for the evacuation of large numbers of people and the provision of emergency supplies to local populations who could be isolated for extended periods.
He had undergone the last TACE against segment 5 at 15 months before the rupture. When his HCC became refractory to the treatments, he started taking sorafenib 400-600 mg/day since 14 months before the rupture.
Rupture of right sinus of Valsalva aneurysm protruding into the pulmonary artery with aortic and pulmonary valve endocarditis.
A rupture occurs when the aneurysm causes the blood vessel to bulge to the point of bursting.
However, none of the currently available devices is completely effective in preventing rupture of aneurysm after EVAR [3], and it is also necessary to control these grafts and aneurysms for life.
Uterine rupture is tearing of the uterine wall partially or completely during pregnancy or delivery.
Spontaneous rupture of the internal iliac artery in pregnancy is a rare phenomenon, and as a potentially lethal complication of pregnancy, it was first described in 1778 (1).