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However, reduction in LOS by quarter for ruptured appendicitis occurred in the private insurance group (Pearson correlation coefficient = -.117, p = .0001) and the Medicaid group (Pearson correlation coefficient = -.15, p = .02), but not the self-pay group (Pearson correlation coefficient = -.12, p-value was not significant).
The FDA found that 69 percent had at least one ruptured breast implant.
This analysis was the first to examine the duration of ruptured membranes as a continuous variable over time, she noted at the meeting, sponsored by the Foundation for Retrovirology and Human Health.
Surgery is then required to remove the ruptured implant and replace it, if desired.
We are saddened by the untimely death last week of actress Isabel Granada due to a ruptured brain aneurysm.
The right quadriceps was ruptured as well when he took his immobilizer off to go the bathroom.
Ensuing complications range from obstruction to strangulation, or ruptured viscus.
Aneurysmectomy of infrarenal ruptured AAA was done as well as interposition with Dacron Silver 16 mm prosthesis (Figure 4).
Results: The frequency of ruptured uteri was calculated to be 0.67%, giving a ratio of 1:148 deliveries.
But in patient three the uterine scar thickness was 0.5 cm without break, uterine left side wall ruptured long about 5 cm and the fetal limb stretched out of the uterus during the operation.
(3) As the veins rupture blood generally collects intraperitoneally, when the ruptured vein is situated on the uterus; or may collect retroperitoneally, when situated within broad ligament, as loose tissue is present within two leaves of broad ligament.
Using non-traumatic clamps, the ends of the ruptured tendon were matched to achieve optimal length.We used a Krachow whip stitch, along each tendon edge, using strong prolene no 2-0 or 1 suture.