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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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Nonetheless, there are still far fewer first-time buyers in rural areas, accounting for 44% of all buyers in urban local authorities.
It is obvious that the proposed model of the community-school library, where different schools and the community use the library facilities, could only be implemented in rural areas where there are already clusters of schools.
Not all rural areas will be hurting for money if a prosperous business operation is located therein.
However, rural areas also have some peculiarities, not the least of which is they tend to be their own worst enemies.
Urban-rural HMOs express less of a commitment to serving the rural area surrounding the urban core of their service area.
said the focus will be on innovations that have been introduced in urban areas as a result of market forces, but that for economic or other reasons are not generally available in rural areas.
ZUBI KIU rural areas paregimas general plan (planned area - about 135 acres)
Concrete blocks at the edges of 16 feet wide roads besides speed-breakers near populated rural areas will be constructed.
The survey, launched by the National Rural Crime Network (NRCN), is calling for people who work or live in rural areas to come forward and give their views on policing in their community, the impact crime and ASB have on them and their neighbours and to ultimately help shape the future of crime prevention and rural policing.
He said that the project will result in better facilities to the farmers, cultivators and people of rural areas adding that Farm to Market Road Programme is a milestone in the development of rural areas.
He said that Punjab government has launched a mega project of repair and rehabilitation of roads of rural areas at a cost of billions of rupees and this project is of vital importance for the promotion of economic and trade activities in the rural areas.
A WOULD-BE MP is calling for greater support for care services in rural areas so that those needing care and care workers get a fair deal.

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