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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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195); they are symptoms of lesser wealth, technological decline, crisis in the infrastructure, in particular that of the aqueducts; they embody the ruralisation of architecture (country people settling in towns), the adoption of extraneous (Gothic and Lombard) models, and militarisation of many urban centres (p.
Cette politique de bidonvilisation anarchique longtemps encouragee, notamment dans les piemonts et les quartiers surpeuples en ville a des fins electoralistes et purement corruptives, en complicite avec les autorites et les elus, a deblaye le terrain a l'emergence des gros bonnets de l'immobilier, la ruralisation des peripheries et l'entree en lice des speculateurs professionnels en la matiere.
Ruralisation is the theme for the early third millennium, the evidence suggesting simple chiefdoms.