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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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In doing so, they adopt a cinematic language that rejects cultural stereotypes and offers instead a defamiliarised perspective of both Irishness and Scottishness that (far from the romantic ruralisation in most nationalistic depictions of these territories) focuses primarily on urban and working-class scenarios.
Le choix par une jeunesse du marxisme dans sa version rigoriste balkanique comme doctrine, etait explique dans le cadre d'une these magistrale proposee par Fathi Belhaj Yahia , un collegue de Hamma Hammami detenu , lui aussi dans les annees 1970 , par la ruralisation du marxisme du fait de la ruralisation de l'universite , son foyer originel .
4) This possibility for the future involves decentralisation, a ruralisation of suburban areas, and also "a resurgence in leadership by women and a celebration of the feminine in nature and people.
2 Degree of ruralisation in the Romanian Carpathians (2002) Urban settlements 73 Rural settlements 2479 Data source: Population and Accommodation Census in Romania, 2002 Note: Table made from pie chart.