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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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In my opinion there are many messages embedded within the examples considered, two of which are particularly relevant to the relationship between nation and nature in Italy: first, the inner ruralism of the Risorgimento and its sexual rhetoric--a well-worked field on which Fascism could build its own 'green rhetoric'; second, the concept of guilt.
The gentle ruralism (green wood, roses, houses) celebrated by generations of English poets is here violently denatured by the call for sacrifice (slain, shed, gore), in a reversal of the pastoral ideal of peace.
Pruitt, Law and Order in the Ozarks (Part CX): "Public Defender Comes Calling", LEGAL RURALISM Blog (Dec.
This sequence of poems, for Blair, challenges the critical assessment of nineteenth-century Scottish poetry as mostly (in Douglas Gifford's words) "evasive ruralism.
Research interests: spatial and landscape planning, planning of small settlements, ruralism and rural architecture, regulatory plans for the regulation of non-urban settlements, evolutionary constants of a settlement culture undergoing renovation, with particular reference to the coastal region, models for revitalisation of degraded landscape areas, analysis of trends of spatial development.
In one of two chapters about dolls, Bernstein addresses Johnny Gruelle's now ubiquitous Raggedy Ann, a figure whose "concatenation of ruralism, patriotism, and nostalgia for antebellum America resonated powerfully in 1915," when Gruelle first patented her image (148).
How much was pose in Esenin's ruralism and his declarations of love for "wooden Russia" is not hard to guess.
Colish cites three reasons why Boswell's assertion is untenable: (1) historians of the family agree that the extended family was normative throughout the period; 2) weak, decentralized, and constitutionally limited rule was more likely to coincide with ruralism than urbanism prior to the modern age; and 3) many of the groups Boswell cited evidence from were not town dwellers.
This I know because, during a day's rampant ruralism, Clover, the family pointer, felt the need to jump into the open tailgate before enjoying a good shake.
3) By drawing together various dialectic traditions (hence the double nomenclature), it transcends ruralism, tribalism, traditionalism, and nationalism.
Seen in this light, the government project paralleled the pioneering ruralism envisioned by the socialists.
This urban-pastoral dialectic marks out veg patch capitalism's interaction with state efforts to build 'brand' Britain as a sustainable urban metropolis by maintaining an imperially-derived and elastic vision of English ruralism trapped within (the) British 'capital'.