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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'Ruralism or environmentalism?' Environmental Values 5(1): 47-58.
It is easy to see how such an agenda would bring the CPRE into conflict with conservative laissez faire principles and Matless has pointed out that its emphasis on planning and the productive interaction of urban and rural contrasted starkly with Stanley Baldwin's conservative ruralism (30).
In my opinion there are many messages embedded within the examples considered, two of which are particularly relevant to the relationship between nation and nature in Italy: first, the inner ruralism of the Risorgimento and its sexual rhetoric--a well-worked field on which Fascism could build its own 'green rhetoric'; second, the concept of guilt.
Tolkien's own novels are essentially postmodern in their construction they seamlessly combine Anglo Saxon culture (via the nations of Gondor and Rohan) and elements of Fairie (Rivendell and Lothlorien) with idyllic pre-industrial ruralism (Hobbiton) as an allegory for the World Wars.
However, Republicans can also slow the progressive project nationally, with the full electoral advantages that come from having a rural base and a constitutional system that favors ruralism over urban density, as well as a conservative Supreme Court that blunts both popular liberal initiatives and the expanding new electorate.
(Geoffrey Howard, "Without Shedding of Blood.") The gentle ruralism (green wood, roses, houses) celebrated by generations of English poets is here violently denatured by the call for sacrifice (slain, shed, gore), in a reversal of the pastoral ideal of peace.
But a more comprehensive survey of British visual art from the first half of the 20th century reveals a body of work in which cosy ruralism and retreat have little resonance: a history of earthbound art, locally rooted but imaginatively expansive, at turns gentle and strange, brimming with original vision and the dissonance, violence, and fragile hopes of its age.
Pruitt, Law and Order in the Ozarks (Part CX): "Public Defender Comes Calling", LEGAL RURALISM Blog (Dec.
This sequence of poems, for Blair, challenges the critical assessment of nineteenth-century Scottish poetry as mostly (in Douglas Gifford's words) "evasive ruralism." Not only do these local newspaper poems "offer sharp insights into a complicated current debate, but [they] also indicate the vitality of the newspaper poetry column as a space for dialogue between poets, and its reliance on a regular readership who remembered earlier poems and could follow a pattern of publication and response that stretched out over weeks or months" (p.
In contrast to the classical 1931 figure of Louis Wirth, Ruralism as a way of Life emerged with intensity in the 1970s and the term "chaotic" was institutionalized, a term that Berry christened as counterurbanization.
Research interests: spatial and landscape planning, planning of small settlements, ruralism and rural architecture, regulatory plans for the regulation of non-urban settlements, evolutionary constants of a settlement culture undergoing renovation, with particular reference to the coastal region, models for revitalisation of degraded landscape areas, analysis of trends of spatial development.