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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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In 1937, Cobb bought controlling interest in the Ruralist Press, the company that actually printed the Southern Ruralist and later Progressive Farmer.
LAHORE -- Provincial Minister for Communication and Works Malik Tanvir Aslam on Thursday said the Punjab government was actively pursuing the Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme which would bring radical change in the lives of ruralists.
Consider nature, likely reality for many ruralists.
Jean-Pierre Ruiz correctly criticizes Galilean Journey for espousing a kind of ruralist romanticization in its portrayal of first-century Galilee.
This note marks, for Blunden, the movement in Wordsworth from "ruralist" to "religious theorist" (Nature 73) and points the way towards the "huge philosophic narrations" of his later career that obscured his ruralist essence (74).
The official imagery of the emerging society was ruralist, as in the imposing case of sport, where organizational principles valorized county and provincial identities, and all but effaced the social reality of urban settlement; and the state not only shunned the liberal cultural heritage of the Enlightenment but harried those who claimed it, subordinating public and private life to the mysteries and disciplines of the Holy See.
His post-1945 career might also have been given more attention, as during this period he supported the democratic opposition, though returning ideologically to ruralist royalism.
122] Bostrom's new Ruralist government imposed high tariffs on agricultural products, and when the French treaty expired in 1892, raised tariffs again.
Neither the Southern Ruralist nor Tennessee home demonstration workers commented on the irony of a single woman, who held a clerical job and marketed her farm products, winning a contest to create a home that housed herself and her father rather than her husband and children.
13) In contrast to Trudeau, who located the origins of Quebec's ideological pluralism in a critique of traditional, Catholic ruralist ideology that began in the post-World War II period, the argument presented here places the critique of "traditional" ideology in the early 1930s, within the framework of a Catholic response to the Great Depression.
Brewster did publish his letter to Slaton but only after Slaton had commuted Frank's sentence, though before Frank was lynched; the letter appeared in the Southern Ruralist on August 1, 1915.