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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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The FARS data were stratified by sex, age, rurality of the collision, and person/transportation type.
As noted in the discussion above regarding the decreasing prevalence of rurality and isolation in modern boomtowns, it is the broad, cumulative, and regional impacts that are a new and significant facet of these new kinds of development.
One convenient interpretation from this is that Africa's urban areas also have significant features of rurality.
Ian Tansley, who runs Sure Chill, in Tywyn, Gwynedd, says Wales' rurality means it lacks the infrastructure of industrial areas.
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the literature to identify studies that address smoking status, depression, and rurality in the pregnant population.
There are also 400 new entries, including economies of scope, marginalization, rurality, and tax havens and offshore financial centres.
He covers ordinary life and the ethics of occupation; speculation, regeneration, and the Maine frontiers in House of the Seven Gables; sovereign selfhood and the autoerotics of wilderness in Walden; and aristocratic genealogy and Indian rurality in Pierre.
And, admittedly, while there might not be any knife-wielding, granny-mugging hoodies out amidst all that rurality, there's more than enough criminally bored teens kicking around who have access to pitchforks and a penchant for twocking combine harvesters after three flagons of scrumpy.
Past research has found an association between altitude and suicide, even after controlling for gun ownership, rurality, age, and mental health access.
We analyzed Alabama birth and death records to examine a) whether the use of different HIs results in differing associations between heat waves and health outcomes, and b) whether associations between heat waves and health outcomes differ by rurality.
With New Mexico's complex state attributes such as rurality, poverty, high-uninsured population, and growing elderly population, new methods for assessing needs affecting health care supply and demand are in demand.