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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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In addition, while stating a rural focus, rurality was not defined in regard to population size, geography, or other factors in two of the articles (Bullock et al.
The narrative refers here to a type of column describing the travel of black performing artists throughout the country, which implies the prominence of rurality within jazz and blues performance circuits.
Differences in associations according to rurality categories.
Although availability revealed some differences, rurality was not a significant predictor of participating in STW programs.
It would have been interesting to understand how the interplay gender and class from their country of origin plays itself in the rurality of Ontario.
56) And although Love Comes Softly does not even have Amish characters, its blend of rurality, romance, and religion, and its birthplace at Bethany House render it a close ancestor of contemporary Amish fiction.
The paper begins by discussing the measurement of rurality, and how that feeds into the prevailing public discourse about the contribution that rural America makes to national prosperity.
2006) "The New European Rurality Strategies for Small Firms", Ashgate Publishing Limited, England, ISBN 0 7546 4536 3;
A scoring system for grading rurality was developed on the basis of occupation and address.
Also, mortality rose with hospital rurality, going from 3.
During the interview with the Principal, he produced a social perspective about isolation when asked about the School Plan and the ways in which it acknowledged the rurality of the students and their community.
Additional variables that may be related to rurality may also be associated with lower quality of care and outcomes.