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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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We identified midwives who lived and/ or worked rurally by the Territorial Local Authority (TLA) domicile they stated in the survey and placed alongside their main worktype in the spreadsheet from Midwifery Council.
To counter the spread of cases being reported rurally, the federal government in conjunction with state governments created ambulatory centers for patients with AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
The company has taken its performances to larger towns on Nova Scotia's South Shore, such as Truro, Halifax and Annapolis, but generally performs rurally.
Madeleine, who will be leading the Young Writers group in the first term, has previously produced/co-directed five new writing festivals at Harrogate Theatre, and has co-written a number of shows which have toured rurally in the Yorkshire Dales.
The 15,000 tonne, pounds 50m project would create around 30 on-site jobs and a similar number among its supply chain partners, many of which are expected to be rurally based.
The existing and potential consumer population is diverse, widely dispersed, and includes everyone from young urban professionals buying tiger bone wine as Chinese New Year gifts to impress their rurally based parents (and their neighbors), to elderly members of remote mountain communities following centuries-old traditional medicine practices.
Some are rurally isolated while others are close to large cities.
Divergent issues, needs, and resources will likely dictate different approaches to this comorbid clinical challenge between military and VA healthcare systems and between major urban medical centers and rurally located facilities.
To assist in developing a local market for on-farm energy products, tools could be developed to create additional demand for rurally owned renewable power.
But again, the site they've chosen to reside on shows a clear priority of living rurally and about working the land, or "being a cowboy," as Moos jokes of what was once a childhood dream.
One of the features of the ACU certificate program is that it is delivered face-to-face by myself and my colleagues (currently in Sydney and Melbourne and probably rurally and in other states soon).
Where possible, the patient is seen by the anaesthetist, however for rurally based patients the initial assessment may be done by telephone consultation.