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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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The Pearl River Delta (PRD) dataset contains survey data on questions about land, income, origin, attitude towards registration transfer and many other variables for rurally registered migrants in nine cities in the Pearl River Delta.
Although rapid evolution in today's communications industry is not without its challenges, such evolution also presents opportunities for rurally based CSPs to differentiate themselves by enabling access to new services and providing enhance customer experience.
Pledging cash to roll out ultrafast broadband to the majority of homes in the UK with 100Mbps speeds is helpful for digital and gaming companies many of who are rurally based.
Andrea Parnell: "I live rurally and my whippet is never off its lead near fields.
Rurally, there have been more such groups organizing and fighting over the last few years than we've seen in the two decades prior.
This is exacerbated in India where, despite there being over 45 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants, the majority of the population live rurally in over 638,000 villages - many of them remote and difficult to access.
The star of the shoot is Milly Catena (Monica Bellucci), the gorgeous celebrity who hosts "Countryside Wonders," a television series that shines a spotlight on the simple country folk who produce Italy's famous rurally produced staples -- though Catena's writers clearly favor meat products like prosciutto, ham and so forth.
Without new lawyers to replace rural Alberta's "graying bar", sustainability of smaller communities suffers, creating disincentives for people to live rurally, Watson said.
The Industrial Revolution heralded the end of the majority of people living rurally.
I think children growing up rurally could become very sheltered.
Cataract blindness can be cured with a simple fifteen-minute operation, but sadly most Indians living rurally are unable to access this type of medical care.
Girma is a prime example of how 85% of people who contract the disease live rurally in the country of 80 million people.