rush to conclusion

See: prejudge
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But of all the politicians in South Sudan, I though Ustaz Amum would be the last one to rush to conclusion, and to make that premature statement that all of the differences have now been settled, once and for all.
Expectedly so, the Khartoum state's sponsored media wasted no time- as usual- to rush to conclusion.
But what we seen in Juba is same blame games, some even rush to conclusion by portraying the matter as a human right and gender issue, which I don't believe it is, because we don't know exactly where the public opinion lie on this matter.
As a border lawmaker who lives literally, a few feet from the border wall and who has been questioning what we're doing with the money, I think we need to put some metrics and some numbers in [place] in order to be smart about our state dollars and not rush to conclusions.
However, Bergmanis added that nobody should rush to conclusions just yet.
If not, it's best not to rush to conclusions about the inherent evils of technology.
But I would not rush to conclusions, as you seem to be, that they have somehow missed something.
The intelligence services are still collecting information about him but I wouldn't rush to conclusions, as you seem to be, that they have somehow missed something," Rudd said.
Detectives probing Gray's death have handed their investigation over to prosecutors, but Batts urged people not to rush to conclusions.
He said that he would not rush to conclusions before the results of investigations are released.
But Terim said it was too early to rush to conclusions.