rush to conclusion

See: prejudge
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But of all the politicians in South Sudan, I though Ustaz Amum would be the last one to rush to conclusion, and to make that premature statement that all of the differences have now been settled, once and for all.
This was a victory of reason: FERC was wise in injecting caution and the need for real world market analysis amidst this rush to conclusion.
Expectedly so, the Khartoum state's sponsored media wasted no time- as usual- to rush to conclusion.
But what we seen in Juba is same blame games, some even rush to conclusion by portraying the matter as a human right and gender issue, which I don't believe it is, because we don't know exactly where the public opinion lie on this matter.
Detectives probing Gray's death have handed their investigation over to prosecutors, but Batts urged people not to rush to conclusions.
He said that he would not rush to conclusions before the results of investigations are released.
But Terim said it was too early to rush to conclusions.
I know many were surprised I escaped punishment, but people shouldn't always rush to conclusions without knowing the facts.
We shouldn't rush to conclusions about those statistics, but everybody involved in policing has a duty to make sure that nobody is ever stopped just on the basis of their skin color or ethnicity.
Suicide is too complex an issue to rush to conclusions, and the working conditions in China are improving.
Social Democratic Party chief Mizuho Fukushima on Tuesday urged the government not to rush to conclusions on where to relocate the U.
AI wouldn't rush to conclusions that spots on the penis are necessarily sexually contracted or infectious.