rush upon

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They appeared ready to rush upon the levelled bayonets.
Grandfather," said Charley, when Clara and little Alice had retired, "did not the people rush upon the soldiers and take revenge?
He was voicing an utter woe, his cry bursting upward in great heart-breaking rushes, dying down into quavering misery, and bursting upward again with a rush upon rush of grief.
Hooray," shrieked the rebels, delighted at this good news, and they proceeded to rush upon the Soldier with the Green Whiskers in such a crowd that it was a wonder they didn't stick the knitting-needles into one another.
with the advent of December and the big Christmas rush upon us, shopping for wine or spirits can be the best recipe for spreading some festive cheer.
With the holiday rush upon us, the Nsea and Baltic Aframax market are looking firm; cargoes from the Nsea and Primorsk are now being worked even for end month positions, and we expect rates levels to continue strong as January lifting programmes come into play.
Such dangers would rush upon us at the speed of light and destroy us at the instant we first became aware of them.
for the tall man in step at my side seemed blind, though he walked straight as a rush upon his ash plant, his eyes fixed straight ahead.