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[...] characterized by a still unrefined cuisine; the use of dried meat, carne-de-sol (Portuguese for "sun-dried meat," literally "meat of sun," also called jaba; it consists of heavily salted beef, which is exposed to the sun for one or two days to cure) or Brazilian state Ceara meat with milk flour, umbuzada (also known as imbuzada, a typical drink of northeast Brazil) and requeijao (a milk-derived product, produced in Portugal and Brazil); also by using quibebe (a kind of winter squash puree), of Franciscan simplicity, and rapadura (a solid form of sucrose); and in the forests of the center of the country by the use of hunting and river fish--all ascetically and rustically prepared (page 32).
It's easy to forget about the rest of the world when you're at La Bastide, with its rustically French interior and exposed brickwork and beams, especially when you climb into the clawed roll-top bath adorned with Pure Altitude beauty products or tuck into the freshly cooked dishes.
The sparse pieces of meat were jagged and rustically cut, resulting in meat that was not as tender as it should have been.
Its three outdoor terraces and rustically modern ballroom overlook the Big Niangua arm of the Lake of the Ozarks and picturesque Ozark Mountains.
It's well worth the search - this rustically decorated joint produces the most delicious pintxos in town, such as foie gras with apple compote for EoCUu3, or cheese-laced risotto cremoso for EoCUu2.90.
IN A NUTSHELL: Devil's Thumb Ranch is a 5,000-acre, year-round ranch resort and spa offering rustically upscale accommodations, fine dining and outdoor and wilderness recreation activities.
It's all about imagining being outside and enjoying an exquisite yet rustically inspired meal.
Guest tables were adorned with bouquets of baby's breath in rustically elegant, narrow mouth glass amphoras and scattered tea lights.
IT doesn't get more rustically pretty than Orchard Cottage, with arched, latticed windows draped in greenery.
Nahal Boker Farm ( fish), an organic vineyard that also grows organic olive trees and pomegranates, offers rustically elegant eco-accommodations from lodges to group tents.
Speaking of Wild Bill, he's rustically depicted by Dave Glanville, another just-right bit of casting.
In the same vein, the interior is rustically charming; think Arne Jacobsen chic, exposed beams and stone floors.