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net/eng fish), an organic vineyard that also grows organic olive trees and pomegranates, offers rustically elegant eco-accommodations from lodges to group tents.
Speaking of Wild Bill, he's rustically depicted by Dave Glanville, another just-right bit of casting.
In the same vein, the interior is rustically charming; think Arne Jacobsen chic, exposed beams and stone floors.
A rustically elegant cafe flooded with natural light, which Tuitele says many customers have described as "more ski lodge than grocery store cafe," offers seating for some 70 people inside the department and an additional 45 out on the patio.
The accent here is on the 'ambience' says Hongjian Chen, the director of the Altay Tourism Administration, 'we want the [national park] buildings to look rustically traditional.
Cut up all the vegetables, quite rustically, into a large dice.
decoration needed for the rustically appealing Charlotte.
The two choruses looked North African in their turbans and long white tunics under rustically woven robes.
The recycled items are not only environmentally-friendly since materials are being reused rather than junked, they are also rustically attractive and original.
Round and round the fire Leaping through the flames, or joined in circles, Rustically solemn or in rustic laughter Lifting heavy feet in clumsy shoes, Earth feet, loam feet, lifted in country mirth Mirth of those long since under the earth Nourishing the corn.
Paying at the counter there was only a moment's yearning for pudding as the host of goodies were laid out in the rustically tempting fashion, while through the small service hatch behind it we could see the bustling epicentre in full swing, of flair and individuality in the sphere of damn fine cooking will find refuge down a quiet, archway-covered cobble lane.
Its rustically elegant design features patios with sweeping views of vineyards and the Blue Mountains beyond, and a secluded pool with naturalized landscaping nestled between the main house and a smaller cabana.