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the extraordinarily beautiful, such as a sunrise over the waterfront, or the rustically simple -a pastoral view of wildflowers growing in a forgotten city centre corner - there are new things to be found.
Cut up all the vegetables, quite rustically, into a large dice.
Paying at the counter there was only a moment's yearning for pudding as the host of goodies were laid out in the rustically tempting fashion, while through the small service hatch behind it we could see the bustling epicentre in full swing, of flair and individuality in the sphere of damn fine cooking will find refuge down a quiet, archway-covered cobble lane.
and minimalist, others classically ornate and further across the field rustically Andalusian, yet the one absolute in all of this is that whatever style of design provides
She says: "I live rustically, with my Mom (Joan Bridge was born in Edinburgh).
The group, described as rustically elegant by the company, includes bedroom, dining, upholstery and occasional pieces made from pine solids and veneers with a heavily distressed warm pine finish and custom hardware with an oxidized, antique brass style.
This restaurant, with Roma music on one floor, the Gorale music on another rustically decorated floor, and a disco on the top floor, is not unlike the archive or the song catalogue of previous ethnographers venturing to the mountains as tourists themselves.
The homes being built have rustically elegant Adirondack camp style architecture, one-of-a-kind artisan details and hand-crafted elements.
The cosy and rustically decorated shop was converted in 1992 from a disused milking parlour and grew so popular that the tractor bays were turned into extra shop space last year.
Narrated in English (presumably so we don't fall asleep reading too many subtitles) there will be leaping lairds being poshly Scottish, with the crusty commoners coming over all rustically rebellious.
Launched five months ago to steadily increasing business, the rustically hip Canyon brings music and memories from the likes of Kansas, the Doobie Brothers, Pat Benatar and Toto to the 'hood, if you'll pardon the expression.