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However, school principal Sidhanath Prajapati, said, "It is true that they were asked to go home but they have been rusticated because they have
We have rusticated the boys and are takin disciplinary measures against such actions," said the headmaster of the school.
He said students who used to fight in and out of the school were either admonished or rusticated from the school.
Mr Grundy co-wrote and edited the 1990s edition of the original Pevsner's Guide to Northumberland, which describes the Institute as "a three-storey building of rack-faced stone with a rusticated arch entrance".
However as the skin was judged too potentially vulnerable to risk prolonged encounters with the public and sharp objects, each housing block sits on a rusticated base of concrete at street level, cast in swirling pastel-hued layers, with large pebbles embedded in their geological strata.
All have smooth-faced enframements which provide contrast with the rusticated wall surfaces.
PESHAWAR, June 13 -- Ghairat Khan, a student of grade 7 in a local private school who had been rusticated by the school management for getting married, was re-admitted in the school on a directive from Private School Regulatory Authority (PSRA).
The Barocchetto is fully expressed in both villino and palazzina types, where "special attention," as noted by Innocenzo Costantini, general director and supervisor of building in the Garbatella, was given to a building's texture, produced by intricate brickwork and rusticated tufa blocks, and to its color--a palette of earth tones specifically derived from the local area.
Chace presents his academic career as a vita activa, from his high school plan to attend West Point, which didn't materialize, to his matriculation at Haverford College, a small Quaker liberal arts college, from which he was rusticated in his sophomore year.
15) A belt course wrapped around the entire building and rusticated quoins embellished its corners.
The massive scale, rusticated granite base and arched openings reflect the Romanesque Revival style, yet the building also contains other design influences like the Byzantine sculptural capitals, French Gothic dormers and roof sculpture, and French Renaissance detailing.
Crowning the vanity mirror, Fortuny-style pendant lights with handpainted parchment shades hang from a rusticated iron rod.