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Author Rene (Washington Institute of China Studies) chronicles the 10-year Rustication Program of the 1960s-70s, drawing on interviews with 54 survivors of the program and others whose lives were affected.
As for Moshe Sharett, for all of his brief incumbency as prime minister (1954-1955), his predecessor's continual sniping from Kibbutz Sde Boker--his supposed rustication in the Negev--ensured that he was constantly embattled.
Expanding Gordon Campbell's argument that the "John Milton, gentleman" who was a trustee of the Blackfriars Theater was also the poet's father, Burbery argues that not only may the play-going references in Milton's first elegy and L'Allegro refer to actual attendance at plays, but also "the debate between Comus and the Lady, and the entrance of Dalila--are significantly indebted to plays shown in the theater" (23): Ben Jonson's The Staple of News, which ran in 1626 during Milton's rustication from Cambridge, and Thomas Randolph's 1630 comedy The Muses' Looking-Glass, which is "set in the Blackfriars Theatre, and depicts two Puritans .
1250 has now been put forward a decade or two, and the authorship attributed to William of Winchester, a Reading monk, during his rustication to Leominster Priory for sexual misbehaviour.
The curriculum that leads to the rustication of works like Windsor Forest or Aurora is also the curriculum--and the society--that is reluctant to draw back and consider the full scope and background of important issues.
In addition, it is common knowledge that incidents of academic dishonesty are increasing leading to cancellation of examinations and rustication of students involved in examination malpractices.
But Wallace can only make Waugh represent that position by failing to read Waugh's self-irony, the narrator's critique of paralysis and sloth and of the failed Englishman's sense of rustication to the tropics; far from "honor [ing] white otium" (279) to this reader's ear for irony, Waugh mocks it.
Exposition of the Ottomans' methods of rule provided oblique criticism of the Hoxha government, and offered an artistic parallel to the analysis of communist practices, such as murder, censorship, rustication, and the erosion of authenticity and intimacy in daily life, in Kadare's other works over several decades.
The ironic interplay between existent and non-existent motives or causes is augmented by the Sierra Morena itself as a setting, as a place to expiate real and imaginary guilt--a site for literal rustication.
The speaker is not in Georgian rustication but in a city flat with a cat that is unnaturally bored by birds, and that has suffered so dark a night of the soul that nature's bounty can give "no relief" to the weight of Time and Nothingness.
From his boyhood at Rudolph Steiner and the Little Red School House; to his undergraduate career at Swarthmore College; to Yale Law days and the satire magazine Monocle; to the New York Times and books on the Hollywood witch-hunt and Robert Kennedy's Department of Justice; to his annunciation almost three decades ago as chief pooh-bah of a radical weekly that has lost money ever since the Civil War and his latter-day rustication at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism--Navasky knows everybody.
Noticing that the hefty Suzanne had gained even more weight during her wartime rustication in the Pyrenees, Mme.