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peruviana, lose their rusticity by being constantly selected, and are much more dependent on human alterations and interventions in its environment (Veasey et al.
Montiano, for instance, noted its superb portrayal of Sancho and "la rusticidad graciosa de un aldeano" ("the funny rusticity of a country man") (n.
watered soil, Should enhance the invoking the feel quality of the of rusticity experience, and earth especially for those who associate the rural hinterland with poverty and lack of hygiene.
With the pastoral lament as a generic ground zero in the French tradition, the pronounced regional rusticity of Marotic Gallicism butts up quite tellingly against the subdued urbane and maritime Italianism of Scevian Neoplatonism, revealing both innovation/invention in Marot's translatio as well as early manifestations of Sceve's distinctive poetic voice.
You would assume that it's a very rustic cooking process, and there are elements of rusticity, but really there's a lot of technique going on and that's pretty cool.
Invoking the same literary tradition, Owens calls the ballad "this degraded thing shot through with a sense of pastness, cultural infancy and a charming but sometimes dangerous rusticity that needs to be carefully framed and reined.
Jonathan Green traces slang applications of hay as a marker of rusticity to mid-nineteenth-century American and Australian usage.
It's the kind of riverfront rusticity that can run you a thousand dollars a night, where both fly-fishing and reflexology are on the agenda, and the "Saloon" is more like an inventive, outdoorsy French Laundry, serving slow-roasted elk tenderloin and reserve bottles of Napa's best.
In all of the shepherds plays the herdsmen play the angel's alien syllables across their tongues, highlighting their rusticity and in a sense the rusticity of all humanity in comparison with the divine choir.
For example, the derogatory bodily allusions to Byron's lameness ("hobbling verses") and Hogg's rusticity ("His ears were erect, his eye-brows indignant") echo conversations about the Regency crisis, where the King's mental (rather than corporeal) infirmity raised the urgent issue of whether sovereignty was an individual or corporate matter.
Its time might be older than the Venus of Willendorf, but Women, a solo exhibition of 12 sculptures by contemporary Chinese artist Wang Keping proves that the female form can simultaneously reference tradition and cast it aside for an aesthetic suspended between rusticity and urbanity.