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Accordingly the chloroform was procured, and the next morning Rusty was lured to his doom.
But at dusk Phil declared that Rusty must be buried.
But, when the box was lifted in the morning, Rusty bounded at one gay leap to Anne's shoulder where he began to lick her face affectionately.
Rusty went rolling helplessly over on the rug; he picked himself up dazedly.
And Rusty has to learn he isn't the only cat in the world.
Eventually Joseph and Rusty accepted the situation and from sworn enemies became sworn friends.
You wouldn't have thought Rusty very decent if you'd seen him when he came here," said Stella.
I will not sleep, till I have turned this key in the rusty lock.
There being no corkscrew in the house, he smote the neck of the bottle with old Peter Goldthwaite's rusty key, and decapitated the sealed cork at a single blow.
And, with a strong effort of both hands, Peter did force the rusty key through the intricacies of the rusty lock.
He approached his house very carefully, with a large rusty key.
A large open fireplace, with rusty dogs in it, and a bare boarded floor; at the far end, fleeces of wool stacked up; in the middle of the floor, some empty corn-bags.