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But it does feel as if we've dropped a couple of points and I guess that's down to the character and the ruthlessness and the mental toughness, that side of things.
It ought to be the last bastion of resistance to the banality of consumer culture--the mindlessness of advertising, the ruthlessness of the market, the emptiness of technology.
Does anybody really think that there has been any lessening of the power or ruthlessness of the Communist influences in Washington since 1953?
The View also argues for ruthlessness as a necessity because, "once entringe into this Course of reformacion, theare [must] be afterwards no remorse or drawing backe .
It was during his early years at the Association that he developed his reputation for fearlessness, ruthlessness, and political savvy.
On the dark end of our belief spectrum is the ruthlessness of the religious warrior, seeking to cleanse God's creation through bloodshed--and expecting paradise in return.
Edward held firm that mitigating and eliminating the insufferable injustice Palestinians experience would empower Israelis and the Jewish community to recover their dynamic humanist values and traditions from the distortions that Israeli behavior and ruthlessness has caused.
Pilate's Roman Empire stood for greed, status, ruthlessness, rule by intimidation, power, and the willingness to use it.
In his memoir entitled 'License To Steal' Ziskis reveals his personal experiences with the ruthlessness and danger of gambling and offers insights into successful gambling strategies.
It doesn't try to mitigate the ruthlessness of poverty.
The officials say the conspiracy is linked to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a long-time warlord known for his anti-Western views and ruthlessness on the battlefield.
He combined ruthlessness (a ruthlessness he exercised towards his own family whenever they became a threat) with impunity, because he had the power to do so.