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"I've been observing how the ruthlessness of the new enemy of humanity, itong mga ISIS.
Over the past four years, coach Valero Rivera has infused the players with a kind of ruthlessness that has literally turned them into creatures of habit -- the habit of winning that is.
The trip to Plymouth will require another level of ruthlessness if Caldy are to come away with victory.
* Since 2011, Nigeria has been reportedly working with the US government and the CIA to put a stop to Boko Haram but the group still continues to thrive and exhibit its ruthlessness.
Beloved by many for his humor and warmth and for his strong leadership in forging the nation, he also was disdained by many for his military ruthlessness and the effects of his policies on Palestinian Christians and Muslims.
Wellington, Jan 24 ( ANI ): New Zealand pacer Tim Southee believes the Black Caps have finally found the ruthlessness to perform consisently after back-to-back wins over India.
"I would walk around the Harry Potter sets with my mouth wide open - the pots stirred themselves." - Actress Julie Walters "One thing you should not under-estimate in Ed Miliband is the capacity for ruthlessness." -Labour MP Diane Abbott on her party leader.
"This is a new crop of players who can mount a challenge but we must show ruthlessness when on top."
Stories of animal cruelty and electrical wizardry reveal the ruthlessness of history's "great" men.
As a loyal lieutenant of Roy Hodgson, Gary Neville can hardly bring the same ruthlessness to his critiques of England as he can to those of, say, Arsenal.
However, if the facts are as reported in the press, then I feel that he has got it wrong on this occasion, mistaking ruthlessness for courage.
JAMES MILNER admitted Manchester City have paid for their lack of "ruthlessness" away from home in 2012.