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RASHFORD BACK TO HIS BEST THE purity of Marcus Rashford's first and the ruthlessness with which he dispatched his second evoked memories of the fearless finishing on his Premier League debut against Arsenal two years ago.
Duterte expressed rage at the killing of Bocales, saying the militiaman had also been beheaded, using the case as an example of what he said was the ruthlessness of communist rebels.
The mental toughness and ruthlessness that has grown over the past 18 months, that's all player led, and we are lucky to have players who understand what it takes to win at this level.
But for consistency and ruthlessness in the box - not to mention the drama of his last-gasp goal which snatched the title on the last day of the season five years ago - has there been anyone better than Manchester City striker Aguero?
He said Indian forces had tackled protest with singular ruthlessness and indiscriminate use of pellet guns.
And that ruthlessness needed to be evident on the park.
Here are 10 facts about the terror group, which has gained much notoriety for its ruthlessness.
Politics is no easy task; it requires clarity of aims coupled with ruthlessness.
Beloved by many for his humor and warmth and for his strong leadership in forging the nation, he also was disdained by many for his military ruthlessness and the effects of his policies on Palestinian Christians and Muslims.
Wellington, Jan 24 ( ANI ): New Zealand pacer Tim Southee believes the Black Caps have finally found the ruthlessness to perform consisently after back-to-back wins over India.
Actress Julie Walters "One thing you should not under-estimate in Ed Miliband is the capacity for ruthlessness.