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(16.) On Fenje, see Christopher Rutty, "Canadian Vaccine Research, Production and International Regulation: Connaught Laboratories and Smallpox Vaccines, 1962-1980," in Crafting Immunity: Working Histories of Clinical Immunology, eds.
Christina Lambert, QC, counsel to the inquests, said: "Would a possible explanation for the bruising be as she was being extracted from the pile of bodies at the front of the pen?" Prof Rutty said: "Yes, as I said, an extraction movement and the carrying of a body can cause bruising to that position."
Prof Rutty said Mrs Bancroft had been treated by paramedics but was admitted to hospital where she died.
He then died, he was then dismembered and he was decapitated,' Mr Rutty told the court.
The court heard Peter died sometime between 2.56pm and 4pm, although Prof Rutty said a timescale of between 3.03pm and 4pm may be considered by the jury after considering the photo of Peter apparently alive in the pen.
I first staked out my deer decoy and then climbed the tree, and I'd barely got situated when the rutty eight-point and doe walked the trail to my left, a great start to the hunt.
Mr Aaron Rutty, of Derwent House, Hawksmore Road, Stafford, was pronounced dead at Staffordshire General Hospital on Monday afternoon.
Martin Rutty, 50, from Shropshire, and Simon Lichtenstein, 49, from Herefordshire, died in a smash in the town of Sospel.
As the doe slowly fed closer, the rutty buck watched her every move.
For a long time I sat by my elk, smelling his rich, rutty smell, stroking the tawny hair, gaping at the four-point rack.
A post-mortem examination carried out by Home Office pathologist Professor Guy Rutty showed that Mr Chenia, from Leicester, suffered stab wounds before the car was set on fire, and died as a result of those injuries.
She dashed off into the understory, and the rutty bull stayed right on her tail.