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Prof Rutty, a Home Office pathologist, said it was one the team "will all remember".
Rutty, "The natural History of Cochineal; being an Account of a Book entitled, Histoire naturetle de la Cochinelle justifiee par des Documens authentiques Amsterdam, 1729," Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 36, 1729-1730, 264-8.
Following the time on target, Shali and I got in our jeep and drove down the quarter-mile rutty two-lane road leading from the observation post to a larger gravel road.
The paved road is mottled and rutty, and the further they go, the bigger the surrounding houses get.
Health researcher Christopher Rutty, in his examination of medical and official responses to polio in Canada, suggests that serums were popular in the treatment of diphtheria and were often used to "minimize the severity of measles, scarlet fever and whooping cough.
The dress was clean and creaseless; the alley was filthy and rutty.
Guy Rutty, the pilot study had demonstrated the potential of the technique to change the future of post-mortem procedures.
Quinnipiac senior big man Justin Rutty leaped and swatted the shot away, but the referee called goaltending, and the Minutemen escaped with a 66-64 victory at the TD Bank Sports Center.
The next morning, I boarded a Russian-made bus and rode over a rutty dirt road, past an occasional horseman carrying an urrga (a lasso made of a long pole with a sliding loop at the end), flocks of cranes, small boys with herds, ancient cemeteries, fields of newly planted wheat, and sweeping grasslands to what seemed like the ends of the earth.
Composer Alejandro Rutty envisioned a setting in which children, college students and adult professional musicians could come together to make
Veritair Aviation Academy managing director Martin Rutty said advances in technology meant pilots could undertake a large proportion of their training by simulator.
Schmidt, president of Citizens Bank in New Hampshire and Vermont; JerriAnne Boggis, founder and director of the Harriet Wilson Project and director of Diversity Education and Community outreach at the University of New Hampshire; and Judith Rutty Godfrey, a professional coach, owner of Forestview Coaching and author of the book, "Never Have Another Bad Day.