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SABBATH. The same as Sunday. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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There are Jarmusch friends in unexpected roles, like Steve Buscemi as a hateful farmer, and the Wu-Tang Clan rapper and composer RZA as a delivery driver for 'WuPS', plus newcomers like Luka Sabbat and Selena Gomez, who was dodging paparazzi during the shoot in upstate New York.
Synopsis: Blowing away folkloric cobwebs, "A History of Magic and Witchcraft: Sabbats, Satan and Superstitions in the West" is an enlightening new history dispels many of the misconceptions rooted in superstition and myth that surround witchcraft and magic today as historian Frances Timbers brings together elements of Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, Christianity, popular culture, and gender beliefs that evolved throughout the middle ages and early modern period and contributed to the construction and eventual persecution of the figure of the witch.
inspires [us as] a tradition of spiritual transgression." (18) Blackmore was so motivated by the film that she developed four interactive, performance art installations across the country, collectively titled The Sabbat Cycle, to celebrate and promote its critique of Christianity.
Scott's 20-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie and Kourtney's rumoured new love Luka Sabbat, 20, were nowhere to be seen.
The show space, designed by six-time Academy-Award-nominated production designer Sarah Greenwood, was lined with guests including Adwoa Aboah, Suky Waterhouse, Georgia May Jagger, Kaia Gerber, Kate Bosworth (pictured together), along with Chloe Sevigny, Luka Sabbat, and other fans of the fashion house.
Lejeune (1975: 31) donne l'exemple du recit intitule Le Sabbat, de Maurice Sachs, et accompagne du sous-titre << roman >> lors de sa parution en 1960.
Separately, officials detained Ibrahim Sabbat at Bahrain International Airport upon return from a vacation abroad.
"The Return of the Sabbat: Mental Archaeologies, Conjectural Histories or Political Mythologies?" In Palgrave Advances in Witchcraft Historiography, edited by Jonathan Barry and Owen Davies, 125-145.
Era una reunion a media noche llamada tambien SABBAT y en donde seguidores de Satanas, lo adoraban con rituales, orgias sexuales, canibalismo y otras aberraciones, tambien llamada Abaceas o Abacias, Nictelias, Bacanal y entre las antiguos atenienses Antesterias (Garibay, 2005: 35).
Halloween is a major Sabbat (seasonal day of celebration) among Wiccans.